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Letter: Every Vote Counts

To the Editor:

As the 2016 presidential results brought home to us in stark detail, elections do matter and every vote counts!

On November 6th, voters in the 114th State House District have the opportunity to change the direction of our local leadership by electing Mary Welander as our State Representative.  Mary brings a fresh outlook, a dedication to meeting our local needs, unwavering support for our schools, and an extraordinary work ethic that will benefit not only her constituents, but residents of the State as a whole.

I encourage my friends and neighbors to make an unequivocal statement of support for the economic, social and educational wellbeing of our children and families, now and for the  future, by voting for Mary Welander and the entire Democratic ticket in November.

Ellen Scalettar

[Ellen Scalettar served as State Representative for the 114th District from 1993-1998 and as Woodbridge First Selectman from 2013-1017]

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