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Letter: Former Bethany Leader No Longer Supports Amity Budget

I have lived most of my life in the Amity Regional School District and graduated from the original building.  As former First Selectman of Bethany, I, along with other taxpayers, have supported the Amity District.  In fact, my current home in Orange has not had a student at Amity since 1967, while paying taxes each year to support it.

I have two reasons to vote NO for the current Amity budget.

Reason #1:  Amity has on-going large surpluses of about $3,000,000.  I wonder how much fluff is buried in the details of the budget?  How much was spent in the last 90 days of the fiscal years to bring the surplus down to 5%?  Is there still a 10% surplus built into the budget we are faced with voting on?

Reason #2:  Included in the curriculum and the training of staff is one new line item that includes:  “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Instructional Coach.”  This is just another name for “Critical Race Theory” or CRT.  CRT is a philosophy founded by law professors who used Marxist analysis to claim that America is “systemically racist.”

Why should we be spending our tax dollars to support the teaching of racism and that America is bad to our children and grandchildren?  As Martin Luther King said, Success should be based on our individual abilities not by the color of your skin.  I will NEVER support an Amity Budget that includes CRT and ask that it be removed from any curriculum and training.

For both reasons, I urge the taxpayers of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge to Vote NO to the Amity budget on May 3rd.

Craig A Stahl

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