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Letter: Former First Selectman Urges NO Vote on Bond Proposal

Here we go again.  The First Selectman is proposing to demolish the clubhouse at the Woodbridge Country Club.  We have waited years for a new plan for the country club after the last housing proposal failed.  Now, after ignoring the property’s future for months, the Town leadership wants town residents to back a demolition plan.

This proposal is bad policy for two reasons.  First, the clubhouse retains some value and there are creative residents who have repeatedly proposed ideas for its re-use.  Second, the First Selectman wants us to demolish the clubhouse without any commitment to permanently protect the vast majority of the country club’s beautiful landscape.

It looks like the Town will ask voters to support a single vote on bonding that bundles the demolition project with projects that are worthwhile, such as roof work at Beecher Road School.  It is not fair to the voters to combine good projects with bad ideas, with the hope that the good projects will carry the day.

If that happens, I will vote no on the bundled bond proposal – and hope you will, too.  The Town can then come back to voters with the individual bond projects that are worthwhile and finally move forward with addressing the future of the country club as a whole.

Amey Marrella

First Selectman 2001-2006

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