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Letter: German Will Bring an Understanding of History to ZBA

We are delighted that Muffy German, a lifelong resident of Woodbridge, is running for the Woodbridge Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).

Muffy German would bring to the ZBA a keen understanding of the history of this town, and the intricacies of the zoning rules and how they should be applied.

A brief anecdote exemplifies her sense of fairness and deep concern for maintaining the quality of the land use in this town:  We were new arrivals to Woodbridge in the early 1990s when we learned that a rogue developer was applying to that ZBA to erect a seriously non-conforming structure on a lot just one quarter the legal size and only several feet from the road, in our neighborhood.  Dozens of neighbors attended meetings of the ZBA to object.  Nevertheless, without any explanation, that ZBA granted the variances sought.  Concerned that this granting of variance could then be applied all over Woodbridge to all the non-conforming lots in future ZBA decisions, the neighbors challenged the ZBA in a legal suit.

Muffy German was one of the key supporters of this action, to avoid this precedent, and, within the year, that Woodbridge ZBA was overruled by the Superior Court of New Haven County.

Muffy German has a passionate and unwavering concern for the future of Woodbridge.  She is a diligent student of the law and will work extremely hard to take the pulse of the community and apply the zoning laws as best benefits the spirit of the town of Woodbridge.  We give her our wholehearted support.


Walden and Marguerite Dillaway

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