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Letter: Have the Woodbridge Republicans Shot Themselves In The Foot?

All set for the Woodbridge Polls on May 3rd, the Republican Party heads there with no candidate for First Selectman.

Perhaps the tenure of the current Democratic leadership in town hall has left Republicans with the feeling of having no shot at filling the top of the ticket. Incumbent Beth Heller has done a “Heller” of a job in her short reign as First Selectman (Selectwoman), replacing the popular late Ed Sheehy.

The Republicans, in the aftermath of the national Trump Tragedy, may have written off the growing independent vote for one, and disenfranchised many of their own constituency. Whatever, surrendering the top of the ticket seems defeatist and deflates the excitement of a local election. Whatever is left of the party’s infrastructure, whether in Woodbridge or other Connecticut municipalities, it seems they need a strong shot of inside political and intellectual adrenaline, along with their vaccination shots.

A local research Think Tank in Woodbridge would be a good start together with a sensible search in town for a truly viable candidate for the post. I can’t recall a “no show” on their party ticket even going back to the Russ Stoddard days some fifty years ago. At that time, even opposing a strong Republican like Stoddard seemed foolish but the extraordinary emergence of Democrat Nan Birdwhistell ended that – what, some twenty-five years ago? Her historic upset of the Republicans’ long reign led to an ongoing succession of Democratic office holders. From there it’s been a long uphill climb for Republicans with no sight of the top, and now no one to serve at The Top.

Today, inclusion goes a long way together with considerate and fiscally responsible government. Woodbridge voters have found someone they can trust at the top.

Carry on, Beth.

Russ Madison

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