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Letter: Heller is a Capable, Effective Dedicated Public Servant

Voters itching to resist Donald Trump locally have a low-cost, high impact option in town elections Monday, May 1.  Beth Heller is a capable, effective, dedicated public servant and has been for decades.  Beth Heller’s entire slate of candidates reflects her genuine commitment to what’s best for Woodbridge.

Conversely, consider the recent, aggressive record of town Republicans and gauge similarities with their Washington counterparts:

  • They tried to shut down and hijack Woodbridge government in 2015 with boycotts meant to prevent duly vetted and nominated residents from serving on boards and commissions. Their ‘party first’ priorities are now on the ballot Monday, May 1.
  • They jettisoned a moderate faction of local Republicans 90 days ago in favor of this self-proclaimed ‘Real Republican’ candidate and his like-minded ‘team’.
  • The Republican slate nominated 90 days ago featured all men and no women – and ignored the rest of the town’s rich and diverse talent pool. Only after-the-fact were a few women added to the under-ticket.
  • Just like Donald Trump, who started his re-election campaign on Inauguration Day, the Woodbridge Republican leader started his campaign last summer already, 6 months early, after only 3 years in office, tainting every vote cast with politics and signaling a preference to control the town rather than serve it.
  • Just like Washington Republicans, Woodbridge Republicans have done nothing to refute the Trump administration and its reckless, relentless assault on Meals on Wheels, the National Park Service, the E.P.A., public education, and Social Security.

Voters who demand a balanced approach to government, who want respect for all residents, perspectives, and ideas, and who cherish the notion of time-honored, selfless public service will be best served in Woodbridge by Beth Heller and her experienced, accomplished, hard-working co-candidates.

On Monday, May 1, Woodbridge voters should reject what’s happening at the national level and preserve a town government that accurately reflects this open-minded, optimistic community.  Voters should choose Beth Heller and her slate Monday, May 1.


Laurence Grotheer

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