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Letter: Heller Effective Steward of Town’s Finances

On the town’s Election Day, Monday, May 6, I plan to vote for First Selectman Beth Heller and her team primarily because of her stewardship of the town’s finances.

Beth has achieved savings, secured grants, and otherwise found creative funding solutions for improvements to the Center Building, on-schedule road maintenance, and wholesale renovations at the animal control facility.  What’s more, Beth has done so without excessively raising local taxes.

I’ve known Beth for many years. I know how hard she works – in every town job she has had – to stretch every dollar.  I know how difficult it is to control costs, and I believe there is no more conscientious custodian of public funds.  I encourage everyone to support Beth Heller and her team on Election Day, Monday, May 6.


Sandra T. Stein

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