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Letter: What is the Most Important Issue Facing Woodbridge?

Woodbridge municipal elections are approaching rapidly; Monday May 1, 2017.  Each of us should be asking:  “What is the most important issue for our town today?”  In today’s difficult fiscal climate we must have leaders with a strong financial background.  This is the only way to turn our town around economically.  Tony Anastasio has a proven financial background as a successful business owner and financial planner.  Currently Tony is Woodbridge’s “Everywhere Man”.  In his capacity as a Board of Selectman Member, Tony ensures he has all the facts and details to make sound decisions.  He is always willing to take the time to listen to his constituents and looks for sensible solutions to the issues which face our town.  He is extremely visible, attending board and commission meetings as well as supporting local non-profit organizations.  He will continue to be present and diligent as our next First Selectman.

It is time for Woodbridge to have a change in leadership and Tony Anastasio is the person for the job.

Sincerely submitted,

Cynthia Gibbons

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