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Letter: Lessons Learned from National Conventions

Lessons learned from the recent Democratic and Republican national conventions will now play out in Woodbridge neighborhoods over the final two months of this election cycle.

At the national level, Democrats offer a return to civility, accountability, and responsible government, with candidates who reflect the gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the American people and a detailed policy platform to address the host of challenges and glaring inequities tearing the nation apart in 2020.

Republicans, literally and remarkably, adopted no campaign platform whatsoever, instead pledging fealty to their leader and his chaotic, demeaning, derisive, and divisive impulses.  Elevating anyone to status above the law – blindly following a person instead of an ideology – has been un-American since the U.S. Constitution specified a president, not a monarch, and a republic instead of an autocracy.

It is especially dangerous now, since their leader’s behavior is so reckless, self-serving, and disruptive.  At their convention Republicans doubled-down on their leader’s distain for the rule of law with a crass, political spectacle on the lawn of the White House itself, showcasing their blinding disregard for both federal law and centuries-old tradition.

In the best interests of Woodbridge, I call upon all Republican candidates for legislative office to publicly repudiate the illegal, unethical, and repugnant actions of the current administration in Washington, and I ask other voters to demand that Republican candidates do so as well.  Candidates who want to represent Woodbridge should acknowledge either complicity with Trump or an honest commitment to age-old standards for public service.

It’s frightening to think how Trump himself – and his rabid supporters – would likely be interested in results of such a loyalty test.  Woodbridge residents are entitled to know how their would-be legislators measure up while history weighs each candidate’s rejection – or endorsement – of Trump.

Laurence Grotheer

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