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Letter: On November Elections

To the Editor:

Conscientious Woodbridge voters have an opportunity – and in my opinion, an obligation – on November 6 to help build a Connecticut firewall and repel what has assuredly become a militant Republican agenda.  On issues ranging from public education, environmental preservation, healthcare, and tax policy, Connecticut residents need protection from federal initiatives meant to reverse good progress toward equity, sustainability, access, and fairness in these policy areas.

Don’t forget: the current Republican administration has already rolled back environmental protections and given huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and it keeps working to dismantle public education and repeal successful healthcare reform.  If we leave it to the Republicans currently representing Woodbridge, who remain silent and complicit regarding these train wreck Trump initiatives, Connecticut residents don’t stand a chance in their efforts to resist these national trends.

Enter Mary Welander, Jorge Cabrera, and James Maroney, Democratic nominees for state Representative (114th Assembly District) and state Senator (17th and 14th Senate Districts) respectively.

Each of them in their private lives works conscientiously and respectfully to address disparities in education, access to healthcare, and employment opportunities; each is eager to bring that work-a-day passion for progress and commitment to fairness to Hartford on behalf of Woodbridge residents and Connecticut’s future prosperity.  Beyond that, under these precarious, current circumstances, Connecticut needs a Democratic firewall to safeguard the state against bold-faced, Republican aggression meant to undermine Constitutional rights, voting rights, and an independent judiciary – ideals, quite frankly, at the very core of American democracy.

I encourage voters to support Mary Welander, Jorge Cabrera, and James Maroney to help build this wall.

Sincerely, and with urgency,

Laurence Grotheer
Chairman – Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee


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