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Letter: Solar Solidarity Project to Aid Hurricane Victims

My name is Arnaaz Khawaja, and I am a Woodbridge resident.  I recently launched a new project called the Solar Solidarity Project.

It’s called the Solar Solidarity Project and its aim is to get solar power to Puerto Rico and help them recover after the hurricanes.  There is a great nonprofit organization that already has an initiative and group in Puerto Rico already installing solar panels and generators, and we want to support them.  We’re asking people to cut back on energy usage in their homes (helping with climate change/greenhouse gas emissions!) and when they lower their energy usage, their energy bill goes down.  The hope is that people will donate their extra savings to the nonprofit organization.  There’s a lot more information and details on our website: https://www.elmenergyproject.org/solidarity-solar-project (and probably explains it a bit better, too).  We would like to get people involved in the project and do outreach.

Thank you!!

Arnaaz Khawaja


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