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Letter: Stephen Francis Will Be A Good Advocate for Woodbridge Residents

We are writing to endorse Stephen B. Francis as a candidate for the Town of Woodbridge Board of Selectmen. We have had the privilege of having Steve and his family as neighbors since 2014. In fact, it was Steve and his wife Betsy who first welcomed us and offered their support and assistance during our transition into Woodbridge residency. This was particularly appreciated given the fact that my boyfriend Steve LaRocca and I are wheelchair bound.

Since that time, Steve has helped us in countless ways. For example, he has removed snow from our front walk and driveway areas to ensure our ability to exit our home in the event of an emergency. Steve has also offered to make trips to the transfer station for us in order to dispose of items we would otherwise be unable to dispose of ourselves. These are just a few examples of the generous, caring, and compassionate person Steve is.

Through getting to know and becoming friends with Steve, he has expressed to us both his pride in being a resident of Woodbridge, and his creative ideas by which, if given the opportunity, he intends to ensure that Woodbridge continues to be a desirable place within which to live. We are confident that as a member of the Town of Woodbridge Board of Selectman if elected, Steve will listen to, engage with, and advocate for the needs of Woodbridge residents.

Thank you for your attention.

Steve LaRocca and Sandra Soto

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