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Letter: Thoughts on the OCA in Woodbridge

Dear Editor,

After reading our town news correspondent, Bettina Thiel’s report about OCA’s challenges to our town’s zoning, it got me quite upset during this holiday season.

OCA applied to build a 4-unit “affordable” complex house on a single septic system; it will certainly cause maintenance problems and risk to the local environment in the future.  And to adapt to such affordable houses being built throughout our town, OCA asks our town to do infrastructure (such as public transportation, sewer, etc.) to meet requirements for such changes.  It will force our current residents, who already lost their property value and suffer problems of increasing populations (such as traffic, crowded school classrooms, decline in education quality, and even security issues, etc.) due to such changes, to pay the major portion of the cost.  Why do our current residents have to pay such prices to accommodate their communist’s idea?  Is this fair?

Just wondering if someone came to Yale and asked Yale to change its admission policy and criteria to the same as other colleges in the area so everyone can get into Yale if they qualify to enter other colleges in CT!  What will Yale’s respond be?  Will OCA let it happen?

It is not really helping people by dragging down other people because after such irresponsible and destructive changes, our town will lose its value and character and become indistinguishable from any other towns in the area; and people who live in such affordable houses will ask themselves why did they make such an effort to get into Woodbridge which is no better than any other town anymore?

If OCA really wants to make some people live better, why doesn’t OCA focus on generating new good job opportunities for them so they can work hard to make a good living.  This is what most of our current residents do-work very hard to maintain a quality living standard here.

Our selectwomen/selectmen please represent and defend the interest of the majority of our current residents who voted to maintain our town’s zone unchanged each time of every survey.  If a majority of a town should not decide their town’s zoning, who should?


Yanchun He

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