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Letter: Town Leadership Should Be Commended

We are writing to commend the stewardship of the Town of Woodbridge by First Selectman Beth Heller and the Board of Selectmen, especially in these difficult and unpredictable times.  In particular today we want to recognize the extraordinary efficiency with which the Covid test distribution was handled by Jeanette Glicksman and the Human Services Department; Betsy Yagla and the Town’s administrative team; Police Chief Frank Cappiello and members of the Woodbridge Police Department; and WVFD Chief Sean Rowland and members of the WVFD.  (And, of course, a shout-out to First Selectman Heller for being part of the second distribution team!)

It was heartening to see on Monday when the line of cars stretched far from the Town Center all the way up Newton Road to Amity Road, that Woodbridge residents remained patient and courteous throughout.

Once again, we are fortunate to live in this Town!

With gratitude,

Bob & Ellen Scalettar

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