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Letter: Town Meetings Have Become a Toxic Environment

The recent BOS special meeting held to discuss the latest proposal from Toll brothers for the parcel known as the CCW drew a large crowd. Several people commented after the meeting that the general feeling in the room was that of anger and the meeting was most contentious.

The first selectman spoke of the wonderful current offer presented to the town…5 million dollars to be exact…for 42 acres of what is presently magnificent golf course property. The residents spoke of why they chose to move to Woodbridge, what building would do to the character of our town, and many were concerned about what the blasting would do to the quality of wells and possible flooding of basements.

Several residents spoke about the potential use of the club house as a new home for the senior center, the gym and a restaurant/coffee shop which would enhance the already growing number of people playing golf and new memberships in the pool.

Ms. Scallettar has chosen to ignore these suggestions.

Residents mentioned turning the property into open space that the entire town could utilize if keeping the golf course open was not feasible. It appears our first selectman is also not amenable to pursuing this option.

I believe the good of the town has now been replaced by partisan politics. Previous administrations had people from ‘both sides of the aisle’ working together for the good of their community.

When the first selectman has to use a gavel to maintain order at BOS meetings, she has created an atmosphere that is fractious and one that confirms that she is not representing an administration that is for and by the residents of the town.

When a resident approached the selectmen’s table after a BOS meeting to speak with Ms. Scallettar, and was told by the first selectman and town council to “go away, we don’t have to speak with you”, they were showing their disdain for any resident who might have opinions that are contradictory to their own.

It is truly a shame that Woodbridge has become such an acrimonious community. It was not this way when many of us first moved here. It did not have to become this toxic.

Cheryl Lipson

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