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Letter: We are Not Giving Up

On June 1, 2021 a petition signed by 275 Woodbridge residents was filed with the Woodbridge Town Clerk.  The petition followed our charter’s process for bringing a question before the townspeople in a referendum:  Should the town sell the former Country Club of Woodbridge clubhouse and developed land around it for reuse as a banquet facility, and permanently protect the remaining land from development?  It’s a fair question, and residents have a right to answer it.

On June 25, 2021 Town Counsel Gerry Weiner and First Selectman Beth Heller met with five of the petition sponsors at Town Hall.  In what was a positive and cooperative meeting, they promised that the Town would advertise the sale of the clubhouse in a Request for Proposals, and that the petitioners would have a chance to protect the rest of the property from development.

Since filing the petition two development proposals mysteriously surfaced for the CCW property:  one to develop a Woodbridge version of the Bronx’s Co-Op City; the other using our popular local brewery as a back door entry to an intensive housing development.  On September 8, the BOS tabled the Request for Proposals.

Why has the administration promoted the two housing development proposals, but effectively swept under the rug the petitioners’ proposal?  Is that fair government?

We’re not giving up.  The petition now has over 300 signatures and is still open.  Anyone who wants to sign may contact Paul DeCoster, William Silberberg, James Urbano, Susan Israel, Chris Dickerson, Donald Menzies, James Hubbard, or Maria Kayne.

Jim Urbano

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