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Letter: Welander Misrepresenting the Facts, Silent on Issues

Mary Welander, who lost her bid for State Representative against State Rep. Themis Klarides in 2018, just announced that she is running for State Representative again.

In her announcement, she claims, “For too long we have been waiting for someone to put our needs and priorities first, and it hasn’t happened.”  Is Welander talking about Democratic leaders who have controlled the legislature for more than forty years and our past and current Democratic governors in her statement?  Or is Welander trying to misrepresent the record of our current state representative Themis Klarides?

State Rep. Themis Klarides has fought tirelessly for our district, our children, working families, and seniors.  Rep. Klarides has built a name for herself because of her hard work and her dedication to the residents she represents.

It is clear in Welander’s announcement that the only way she thinks she can win is by misrepresenting Rep. Klarides’ record.  Welander’s last campaign presented no solutions to the many problems facing our state, and in her release, she continues to present no clear solutions.

In addition, while Rep. Klarides has been leading the fight against forced school regionalization, tolls, and tax increases proposed by Democratic lawmakers, Welander has remained silent and failed to speak out against her party.

This election, Welander should present solutions and should have to answer questions on where she stands on policies.  We need leaders who will fight for us and who have solutions to fix our state.

Daniel Brigham

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