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Letter: Why Aren’t They Listening?

The town of Woodbridge administration is once again trying to push for development of what was the Country Club of Woodbridge.  A magnificent parcel of land that the town purchased in 2009 as a way of preventing residential development.

In 2011 the administration held a referendum in an attempt to sell the parcel to Toll Brothers builders.  Town residents wisely voted down the developer’s proposal and the referendum failed by a 2:1 margin.

The town again tried to work with Toll Brothers in 2015- 2016, but negotiations failed when town residents once again expressed their dissatisfaction with this type of development.

The town conducted a survey in 2018 to get feedback from residents on what they envisioned to be good use of the property.  2/3 of residents who participated in the survey were opposed to housing development.

The elected administration is supposed to represent their constituents.  Why do they keep pursuing the only option that has been repeatedly rejected by the citizens of Woodbridge?  Why aren’t they listening?

I believe there have been no RFP’s, (Request for Proposal), since 2014.  How do we know what the options are for the property if we haven’t marketed it recently?

Previous suggestions submitted by residents for how the property might be used have not been investigated.

The administration has consciously chosen to not maintain the property, giving the perception that we have no other option than to sell it for residential development.  They are hoping that if they keep pushing, while allowing the property to remain in a state of disrepair, residents will finally give up on their efforts to save this treasure that is under siege.

Woodbridge, We can do better!

Cheryl Lipson

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