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Letter: Will The Supporters of the Arbor Haven Proposals Please Tell Me I Am Wrong

The lead developer of Arbor Haven is Harvey Shapiro.  The presentation indicates he has developed 2000 residential units, yet the only mention of any development experience listed on the Arbor Haven website refers to a seven-lot development of multi-million-dollar homes in the Hamptons for which I can find no evidence of his involvement.  My research revealed only one other project developed by a Harvey Shapiro that was a failed project in New York called Riverwoods Chappaqua, that was foreclosed and was later involved a Rico lawsuit.  I’m sure the folks pushing for this proposal can show me I’ve just done a bad job researching Mr. Shapiro.

But what of Joseph Amico who is listed as the Co-GP?  He lists strong experience as the developer of a 122-unit condominium project identified as Salina Crossings that was breaking ground last summer.  What I find is that the Salina Crossing project was killed back in 2020 and that the development entity was dissolved in August 2021.  Again, somebody should correct me on this if I am wrong.

Or how about their General Counsel Bruce F. Caputo?  The only info I could find on him was when he was a congressman in NY, he was referred to as “…the scourge of the ethics committee…”.  He later dropped out of politics as on numerous occurrences he claimed to be a lieutenant in the Vietnam war, but later admitted, oops, I never was in the military.

I’m sure I must be wrong on all of this as the folks running our town and pushing for this developer are certain to have been assured that we would be working with an experienced team of high ethical standards.  After all, I only spent fifteen minutes on the internet to find this info.

Kevin Tatro

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