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Letter: Woodbridge Better Served by Heller’s Experienced Team

There’s a ‘Trumpster fire’ raging throughout the Republican party, with Connecticut flare-ups of this nasty national trend too common to ignore.  Only Woodbridge voters can insulate our town from the idealism and excesses of the current administration in Washington and its complicit – even when silent – GOP faithful.

In his acceptance speech, the Republican nominee for Woodbridge First Selectman immediately spoke of reversing Roe v. Wade, repealing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (‘Obamacare’), and building a wall along the United States’ southern border (https://www.facebook.com/WoodbridgeRTC/videos/243445049881036/).

He acknowledged an inability to affect these things from Town Hall, but his message to the GOP base was clear:  let’s bring that mindset to bear in Woodbridge.

I worry about the potential, local consequences of Republican goals and objectives, particularly in the areas of public education and fiscal responsibility.  Their ‘starve government’ mantra would undermine Woodbridge schools and their excellence, for which our community is renowned.

At last week’s Preliminary Budget Hearing, an irresponsible idea to deplete the Town’s rainy-day fund was promoted by Republicans to provide property tax relief.  Risky, one-time, unsustainable revenue like that would automatically create a deficit in next year’s budget and potentially jeopardize the Town’s highest possible, AAA credit rating.

Woodbridge is – and will be – much better served with First Selectman Beth Heller and her experienced team.  With literally decades of public and community service to call upon, Beth Heller and the Democratic slate are the seasoned, reasonable leaders to keep Woodbridge moving in a steady, positive direction.

Please help protect the best interests of Woodbridge on Monday with votes for Beth Heller and the Democratic team.

Laurence Grotheer

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