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Letter: Woodbridge Country Club

To the Editor,

As a Woodbridge resident for more than 40 years, I am dismayed at the proposal to build town houses on the Woodbridge Country Club (WCC) property. It makes absolutely no sense to me that a zoning change would be made for any part of this parcel due to the risk that further zoning changes be argued for development of the entire property. Furthermore, once spot zoning changes are agreed, development will be unstoppable not only at the WCC but wherever an acre of Town land exists. Maintaining open space and parkland is what Woodbridge is all about. Please, do not let the WCC become another casualty to development.

Instead, it would be preferable that the Town leaders abandon the proposed isolated housing at the WCC and focus intently on development of retirement housing around the Bradley Road/Flats area: Accessible one-story housing without steps and stairs, with balconies or patios, elevators as needed, with wide doorways, roll-in showers, and an attached garage – not the narrow, three-story monstrosities companies like Toll Brothers are packing into any corner they can find in towns all over Connecticut.

In tandem with this retirement housing must come the development of areas such as Selden Street. I suggest consideration of a pedestrian zone from June Street to Bank Street with parking at either end, elegant street lighting, benches, flower pots, water features, and pocket parks. Existing restaurants and businesses in this area could then re-orient away from the dirt, noise, and traffic of Amity Road and toward the cleaner, safer, and quieter atmosphere of this pedestrian zone. Selden Street would become the destination we all desire for dining (indoors and outdoors), for boutique shopping, and even some homes.

Finally, the price of retirement housing must make economic sense. The current average sale price of a Woodbridge home is $405K. To be desirable, the cost of any proposed retirement housing unit in Woodbridge must be less.

Let’s reprise and complete the plans for the Flats that have been laid aside for the past several years and develop Woodbridge smart and green to ensure the highest quality of life for youngsters and oldsters alike.

Joyce Simpson

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