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Letter: Woodbridge Residents Should Support Democrat Ticket

Woodbridge voters who prefer ‘law and order’ candidates must consider the recent Republican record in that area and that of the GOP standard-bearer, Donald Trump.  They must then consider the trustworthiness of candidates and others campaigning under the Republican banner for their refusal to condemn such defiant disrespect for the rule of law.

Quite honestly, with Trump at the helm, the Republican brand now stands for the opposite of law and order.  Criminality and chaos are now that party’s stock-in-trade.

Consider the evidence:  at least eight high-level Trump associates are guilty of criminal activity that took place during or since Trump’s 2016 campaign.  One of them, Roger Stone, was found guilty of seven felonies by a jury of his peers but was then pardoned by Trump simply because they are old friends.

Attorney General Barr is systematically and perversely converting the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) into a politically motivated, selective enforcement tool to the specific benefit of Trump’s interests.  Peaceful, law-abiding protests are violently quashed by federal police under the direction of the DOJ.

And just last week, on consecutive days, Trump would not commit to the lawful, peaceful transfer of power – an idea previously unthinkable in the nation’s history – should he lose the November election.

This list goes on to include flagrant violations of the Hatch Act, illegally steering federal monies to Trump’s private, for-profit businesses, and ongoing criminal investigations into Trump’s family business practices.

As egregious and deeply disturbing as these Presidential offenses are, the urgent question for Republican candidates Logan, DeBarba, Streicker, and Southworth is why they steadfastly refuse to condemn this rampant, ongoing lawlessness.

Woodbridge voters should instead elect Jorge Cabrera, Mary Welander, Rosa DeLauro, and James Maroney, each of whom is consistently respectful of the fundamental building blocks of this state and this nation:  equal justice and equal opportunity under the law, with no person above the law.

Republicans Logan, DeBarba, Streicker, and Southworth, willing to campaign under Trump’s banner and share line B with him on the ballot, repeatedly refuse to defend these time-honored, American ideals.  Their resulting acceptance of Trump’s un-American ideology renders them unworthy of our votes.


Laurence Grotheer

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