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Letter: Woodbridge Values Betrayed by Logan & Staneski

Elections are about assessing and prioritizing shared values, and they allow for periodic changes in government when the values of a community are ignored or betrayed by elected officials.  In this week’s election, it’s time for Woodbridge voters to make these changes.

I would suggest the shared values of Woodbridge voters were ignored last year by Themis Klarides when she co-authored the state budget (‘I helped lead negotiations,’ in her words) giving some $550 million to the City of Hartford to pay its accumulated debt.

Honestly: is it in the best interests of Woodbridge taxpayers for the state to help the City of Hartford to that extent over the next 20 years?  To put it in perspective, $550 million would fully cover the Town’s current budget each year for the next eleven years.

I would suggest the shared values of Woodbridge voters were also betrayed this year by George Logan and Pam Staneski when they voted against a statewide bump stock ban.  Their votes seem to say it’s not necessary to protect Woodbridge residents from that after-market, automatic weapons accessory that, ‘makes it possible to fire more rounds in a weekend than may typically be fired in a year,’ according to published promotional materials.

Honestly, are the desires and public safety priorities of Woodbridge residents compatible with these NRA-fueled votes by Mr. Logan and Ms. Staneski?

State Representative candidate Mary Welander and state Senate candidates Jorge Cabrera and James Maroney stand ready to work hard for Woodbridge residents and bring our shared values of fiscal responsibility, gun safety, and accountability to the state Capitol.

Democrats Welander, Cabrera, and Maroney will protect Connecticut from the radical Republican agenda, priorities, and behavior at the national level that prompts no outcry, no protest, and not even a negative mention from our town’s current representatives.

I encourage enthusiastic votes for Welander, Cabrera, and Maroney.

Laurence Grotheer
Chairman – Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee

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