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Letter: Woodbridge Voters Will Have Their Opportunity to Weigh In

Woodbridge voters have not approved any sale of the former country club property to a developer.  Yet, recent communications from our First Selectman suggest that she thinks the sale is going to happen.  For example, Ms. Heller states, “We continue to move forward with plans to develop part of the former country property.”  On the assumption that there will be a sale, she created a committee to consider ideas for the use of the portion of the property that will not be developed and there is even a map of a draft plan of those uses available on the Town website.  (See identical articles in the August 30, 2019 Woodbridge Town News, page 9 and the lead article in the September 2019 issue of Woodbridge News and Events.)

Although Ms. Heller does mention, somewhat in passing, that the property cannot be sold without a vote of the residents in the context of her articles, she does not seem to think that approval will be a problem.

The fact is that there are many good and valid reasons why this property should not be sold to a developer.  They have been articulated by many residents before and we are sure they will be again.  In fact, several years ago the voters soundly rejected a sale of this property to one who wanted to develop fewer units than the plan now being considered.

Do not be misled into thinking that the sale of the property is a done deal.  It is not.  Woodbridge voters will have their opportunity to once again soundly reject this ill-conceived plan.


Virginia and David Schneider

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