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Letter: Woodbridge – We Can Do Better

I strongly support the proposal from Arbor Developers for the Woodbridge Country Club (WCC) property.  I believe that it preserves the best aspects of Woodbridge’s environment while enabling us to be responsive to state and federal requirements, provide affordable housing and be a strong regional partner.

Woodbridge is situated in a richly diverse region – economically, socially, politically and racially.  New Haven County offers a plethora of recreational, educational, religious, and cultural experiences and opportunities.  We benefit greatly from being a part of this larger community, but we do not share in addressing the regional problem of providing affordable housing opportunities.

As a resident of Woodbridge, I have walked with friends and family and by myself on Woodbridge’s myriad trails – among them the WCC property.  Additionally, I access the Regional Water Authority’s properties and other neighboring towns’ parks, trails and open spaces.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by abundant recreational areas.  Given this “wealth” of recreational and open space available, the plan for the WCC responds to the need for regional affordable housing while retaining much of the beauty of the existing WCC tract.

As an environmentalist, I appreciate Arbor’s focus on preserving the natural beauty of the property – retaining walking trails, extraordinary old growth trees, and the beautiful little pond while providing diverse and affordable housing.  The thoughtful placement of multi-family housing integrated into the landscape is impressive and laudatory.

I was surprised by recent arguments against the Arbor proposal that raise the concept of historical preservation of the land because it was once the site of Roger Sherman’s farm.  I believe that we would better honor his memory and legacy, given Sherman’s strong abolitionist stance and his belief in the dignity and equality of all humans, by promoting Woodbridge as an open community seeking to become more diverse both economically and racially.

Let us strongly consider adopting the proposed plan for the WCC land.

Sally Connolly

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