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Letters: Logan Endorses Republican Budget Alternative

I have endorsed the Connecticut Senate Republican budget alternative.  Under our plan, Woodbridge would gain $138,051 in Fiscal Year 2018 and would gain $96,063 in Fiscal Year 2019 as compared to Fiscal Year 2017.  What is the alternative?

If Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget is enacted:

•          Total state Education Cost Sharing aid to Woodbridge would be decimated from $668,575 to $31,797.

•          In total, for all state grants, Woodbridge would actually owe the state $873,730 in Fiscal Year 2018 and owe the state $916,718 in Fiscal Year 2019.

Our Senate Republican plan has received a thorough vetting by non-partisan analysts.  It was ready to be voted on July 18, and it directly benefits Woodbridge and Woodbridge property taxpayers.  Read our line-by-line plan at www.NewDirectionCT.com.

I urge taxpayers in Woodbridge to keep the pressure on House Democrats at 860 240-8500 and Senate Democrats at 860 240-8600.  Urge them to “allow a debate on the Senate Republican budget.”

Sen. George S. Logan

Editor’s note: The writer represents the 17th Senate District, which includes Woodbridge, www.SenatorGeorgeLogan.com.

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