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Letters: Management of Town Assets

To the Editor,

The townspeople of Woodbridge should be upset about the horrid mismanagement of the Thomas Darling House and the Woodbridge Country Club {WCC} clubhouse by the Weiner/Heller regime.  The town attorney, first selectman, and Board of Selectmen should be protecting, maintaining and preserving these assets for all Woodbridge residents.

The WCC clubhouse has a leaking roof, the town government and Heller have taken no steps to simply tarp-off the roof to protect this significant, beautiful mid-century modern structure designed by a town resident, the highly regarded architect Herb Newman.  The town government is violating the public trust with its neglect, Woodbridge residents have not even decided by referendum that we want to sell off the WCC land for the senior condos as well as demolishing the clubhouse.  Our Board of Selectmen, Heller, and Weiner are creating the self –full-filling prophecy that the clubhouse building will be so degraded from deterioration and water damage that we will have only one option, to tear it down.  Many people in town would rather get a state grant because the building is designed by a renowned architect, and restore the building, clay tennis courts, and the pool for a variety of town uses.

As I drive by the elegant and historic Thomas Darling House on my daily commute to my office, I have noticed that this locally famous structure has taken on a trashy and neglected appearance.  After discussing the situation with some friends in the Amity-Woodbridge Historical Society, I was told that the resident caretaker was not honoring his duties of maintaining this historic treasure.  He had shifted his attention to farming the property which is not one of his duties.  The plastic greenhouse and plastic covered field areas are incompatible and degrade the historic appearance of the Darling House.  At a Board of Selectmen meeting I watched in horror as the town attorney and first selectman complicated the situation by supporting the neglectful caretaker instead of maintaining their long standing relationship with the Amity-Woodbridge Historical Society in maintaining the Darling House.

Woodbridge residents should flood our first selectman and Board of Selectmen with complaints to protect both these valuable town assets and stop violating their duty to protect the public trust.

Michael D. Broderick

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