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Letters: Town-Historical Society Negotiations Continue

As of this date, negotiations between the Town and the Amity Woodbridge Historical Society continue, with no resolution.

At issue is a grant for $48,000 which has been approved by the State of CT for the Society to use for the property.  This is State tax money that Woodbridge residents have already paid.  It will only be disbursed if the Society has control of the property, including the caretaker’s apartment.  The policy of the Town may cost the Society that grant, which will then have to come out of Woodbridge tax funds, taxing the residents twice.  This is not fiscal responsibility.

It should be noted that:

  • There is no other town land leased to farmers where the town has taken such an active interest;
  • There are no other town owned lands leased to farmers where the Town has considered financial involvement or accommodation;
  • There were at least three other tenants of the Darling House who were asked to leave, threatened with eviction, or evicted. In all of these cases, the Town declined to get involved; and
  • It is common practice for farmers to lease land and not live on the premises, as discussed by me with professional farmers.

It is for the Board of Selectmen and the Amity Woodbridge Historical Society to resolve the issue of control.  The needs of the tenant farmer’s for-profit business should not be the focus of these negotiations.

David Lober

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