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Life-Learning With Limmud

Limmud (coming from the Hebrew word meaning “to learn”) is a volunteer-run festival, a conference, and a gathering of learners interested in unfiltered and cross-community Jewish learning.  Limmud is the ultimate celebration of Jewishness and diversity within the Jewish world with programming for everyone, including teenagers, children, adults, young professionals, Russian speakers and others.  A successor of the “Taste of Honey” event, this exhilarating day of learning, music, arts and other workshops marks the inaugural Limmud New Haven.  Children can be dropped off for their own fun, educational pre-Passover program, enabling parents to learn as well.  Multiple 45-minute sessions are offered simultaneously throughout the afternoon.  Our event will be among over 90 Limmud events in over 42 countries.

More Than Hava Nagila:  An Introduction to Klezmer Music and Dance will be one of the wonderful workshops at Limmud.  Have you ever been to a simcha and wondered about the Klezmer music and how you’re supposed to do the dances to it?  Dance instructor Bonnie Kaplan shows you the basic steps for popular Jewish dances from Eastern Europe while David Chevan, who plays bass in jazz, gospel, polka, klezmer and Italian wedding bands, leads musicians who will accompany the dancers.

Steven Wilf will present The Kiss in Jewish Law as another interesting adult program.  How has the kiss evolved in Jewish law?  The kiss is a barometer of intimacy, a social convention and an indicator of the degree of connection between people.  Steven Wilf, a scholar and author whose research focuses on intellectual property law and legal history, will talk about how Jewish law and custom have addressed the kiss over two millennia.

Other adult programs include Liana Rothman on Judaism and the Environment:  What’s Jewish about Pickles?, Dan Oren on The Doctor is In, Jewish Genealogy Workshop, Ora Horn Prouser on Pluralism In the Jewish community, to name a few.  Rabbi Michael Farbman, writer and journalist Roya Hakakian, “Unorthodox” host Mark Oppenheimer and Imam Omer Bajwa are some of the other presenters.  Family programs include creating Passover cups, making a plague bag and matzah baking, Passover rock climbing and exodus obstacle course, and more.  The Family ‘Passover Plagues’ Yoga class is for the community to enjoy the many benefits of yoga with their children by integrating Jewish learning through movement.  Kids will roll like matzo balls, act out a short story about Passover and freedom through yoga poses, and enjoy Freeze Dance yoga, and so much more.

There will be babysitting; exhibitions; and a Pesach marketplace offering jewelry, Judiaica objects, wine, environmental cleaning supplies and organic kosher products.  There will be so much to learn and see at this reimagined day of Jewish learning and life.

To conclude the afternoon of Limmud programming, all participants will gather in the auditorium for a special program featuring local Jewish musicians.  Featuring a repertoire of their own original Jewish music, as well as some tunes by known artists, the group will lead the community in a joyous song session.  The event caters to those looking to sing as their voices will add to the joyful music; it is for those that just want to listen; and for those who are moved to dance.

Come join our day of learning on March 29 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the JCC of Greater New Haven.  Join us to end our celebration of Jewish life and learning in this galvanizing way, full of joyful song, spiritual connection and communal gathering.

Learn more at jewishnewhaven.org/limmud.

Limmud is a volunteer-based community festival – above, the steering committee in action.

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