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Local Author Releases New Title

The Elderslie Press is pleased to announce that Woodbridge architect and author Harwood Loomis has released his new book, The Frugal Yankee’s Guide To Personal Security, which is now available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback book and as a Kindle e-book.  The book is also available as an e-book in Nook format from the Barnes & Noble website.

The Frugal Yankee’s Guide to Personal Security is neither a martial arts book nor a “self-defense” book.  Reading it will not transform the reader into a Ninja shadow warrior or an elite commando operator.  The author’s daughter attended college in a large city, where her cell phone was stolen three times and she was mugged twice (once at gunpoint) within the span of two years.  Recognizing that his daughter had never learned the basics of perceiving and avoiding potentially dangerous situations, the author set out on a search for ways to teach his daughter how to be more “street smart” about keeping herself out of such situations.  The Frugal Yankee’s Guide To Personal Security sets forth many of the concepts and information he learned from his investigations.

The Frugal Yankee’s Guide to Personal Security offers a wide variety of suggestions for making everyday life safer and more secure, both at home and away from home, without spending large amounts of money.  Many of the suggestions don’t cost anything, and don’t require any significant changes to the way we live from day to day.  They require only awareness, and possibly restructuring some habits that are easy to reprogram–once the motive to do so has been presented and recognized.

Retired District Ombudsman Richard McCleery of Weeki Wachi, FL, said about the book, “I found Mr. Loomis’ book, The Frugal Yankee’s Guide to Personal Security, to be thought provoking, and a valuable resource for anyone seeking to establish or enhance the level of security for themselves, their family, or business.

“Whether you intend to spend a little or a lot on personal security, the book is a great place to start, and provides a wealth of information.  I found it to be an interesting and easy read, and highly recommend it.”

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