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The Magic of Summer Mulching and Soil Enhancement: From The Pros at Amity Gardens

The vegetables and flowers you planted back in April and May have earned the right to some further nourishment with two outstanding products at Amity Gardens.

Both SOILUTIONS and SWEET PEET mulch are renowned organic treatments to continue summer growth and health of your plants, shrubs and trees. SOILUTION is packed with all natural ingredients from blood meal and kelp… lobster and seafood compost … lime… probiotics… aged bark and peat – all adding up to a summer feast for your garden and yard.

SWEET PEET is something else in mulches – a 100% organic mulch that surpasses all ordinary mulches for its nutrient value. Far from just decorative, or suppressing weeds, SWEET PEET nourishes plants, shrubs and trees … buffers both acid and alkaline soils … slowly releases water for consistent feeding while enlivening root systems of plants and trees.

When it comes to suggestions on the nourishment of your plants and trees, the horticulturists at Amity Gardens are available for professional, free advice. Check in with them or visit the area’s most progressive Garden Center at 720 Amity Road (Rte 63) Bethany.

By Gino Sardo – Phone: 203-393-1219

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