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Massaro Community Farm: The next 100 years – Special to the Woodbridge Town News

A few years ago I was invited to a ‘dinner-on-the-farm’ in Woodbridge. Initially surprised that a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm even existed in town, I was quickly intrigued by the idea of dinner tables on farm grounds. I grew up on a Mediterranean island where the concept of food from farms is synonymous with the gastronomic and cultural heritage.

That dinner was the first time I stepped foot on the Massaro Farm and I felt reconnected with something so familiar: the fruitful land. Soon my interest for both the nutritional and the sociocultural extension of farming led me to volunteer on several Farm committees. A few months ago I was honored to become the President of the Massaro Community Farm’s (MCF) Board.

This year marks the Massaro Farm’s Centennial! As fascinating as its history is, the farm’s evolution, growth, future direction and potential are extraordinary. The Town of Woodbridge and the community at large have embraced and supported the revival of this farm since 2008, when the non-profit MCF was incorporated. As part of this Centennial, our intention is to enroll one hundred “sustaining members” – supporters of our organization, who will contribute $100 for each of five successive years. This will expand our membership base, help us succeed in our Centennial Fundraising Campaign and provide funds to build a much needed (for safety reasons) sustainable parking area and a welcome center with a pavilion for additional educational programs.

This thriving 57-acre parcel of land has become an integral and focal part of our community. MCF has stayed true to its mission to keep farming, feeding people and building community. The farm’s almost 200-strong CSA membership enjoys locally-grown, certified-organic produce; the best area restaurants source produce from the farm; each year the farm donates a minimum of 10% of its produce to local hunger relief agencies. Our ever-expanding education programs, both during the school year and the summer months, provide families and young students from the Woodbridge and other area schools the opportunity to learn about and experience real farming. Our partnerships with local businesses are exemplary and have benefited our town and the region. Our vision is to continue enhancing our community’s quality of life, not only by providing high quality, organic and sustainably-grown produce, but also through engagement with farm-related activities.

The farm has been and will continue to be an open and welcoming place for all residents of Woodbridge and the neighboring towns. Join us at the farm, experience what it has to offer, walk and volunteer on the farm’s grounds, serve on our committees, be part of this amazing and energetic farming community.

Keep Farming. Feed People. Build Community. At Massaro Community Farm. For the next 100 years!

Tassos C. Kyriakides, Ph.D.

President, Massaro Community Farm Inc.

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