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Jessica Simone is the prevention council coordinator for BOWDAAC – Bethany, Orange, Woodbridge Drug/Alcohol Action Committee.  Its mission is to involve and engage the local community to prevent alcohol and substance use among our young people.  In addition, we strive to promote positive mental health and provide resources to the community and our youth.

Some of the issues that our youth face is not just happening at home or at school, but in all aspects/parts of their lives and BOWDAAC is hoping to expand our prevention committee by including businesses that work with kids and would love your input and work together in the reduction of substance use and encouraging the promotion of positive mental health.

In addition, BOWDAAC is grant-funded and tasked with reducing the rate of vaping among our young people.

The BOWDAAC committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 3pm and we try to have presenters about current topics.  The last few presentations we have had were about the dangers of fentanyl, internet safety, and problem gambling.

Visit our website and Facebook page if you are interested at taking a look at what BOWDAAC has going on:

https://www.bowdaac.org/; https://www.facebook.com/BOWDAAC.

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