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To the Editor,

The Woodbridge Board of Selectmen has refused to hold a public hearing or vote on the Town Plan and Zoning Commission’s proposed Plan of Conservation and Development. At its meeting on February 11, the Board rejected a petition signed by over 100 residents demanding that it comply with its legal obligation to endorse or reject the plan. This document is the single most important policy statement of the last ten years and the Board of Selectmen clearly has no interest in participating in the process.

Make no mistake, this is political gamesmanship in the run up to the May election.  As the only elected board with statutory authority to review the appointed Town Plan and Zoning Commission’s proposal, the democrat majority controlled Board of Selectmen wants to avoid the inevitable fallout from this exceptionally controversial plan. The strategy is simple. By distancing themselves from almost unanimous criticism expressed by Woodbridge residents during the Town Plan and Zoning Commission’s public hearing, the democrats hope to convince you that the Board of Selectmen has no say in the process – that it is not responsible for the quality of life in our town. This is both wrong and a violation of the public trust.

We are beyond the issue of whether town residents have the right to demand that the Board of Selectmen act on the petition.  The question now is whether the Board has the courage to do what is right.  If democrats on the Board will not respond to their constituents’ concerns and refuse to comply with the legal obligations of their office, then they have abdicated the responsibilities of their office and are no longer worthy of representing Woodbridge residents.  We deserve better.  We deserve elected officials who will tell us where they stand and let the chips fall where they may.

Cynthia Anger

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