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No Time for Complacency

If you are not planning to vote on November 8th, or if you think your vote doesn’t matter, please reconsider.  I know it is tempting to think that we are safe because we live in Connecticut, a pro-choice, pro-education, pro-common sense gun laws state, a state where we believe in science, in the need to address climate change, and in the dignity of all people.

But, as we have learned in recent years, if we take these values and the protection of these rights for granted, we do so at our peril.

As in so much of the country, Connecticut’s Republican Party candidates are radically different from the Republicans of the past.  In our State’s races, these candidates include supporters of the dangerous lie that our elections cannot be trusted; they include determined anti-choice and anti-public health advocates, and they include those who would undermine the expertise and dedication of our teachers and educators under the guise of “parents’ rights.”  Donald Trump himself is holding a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for the Connecticut Republican candidate for United States Senate.

Republican leaders in Congress have told us their plans, should they take control.  These include not only disbanding the January6th Committee investigating the insurrection at the Capitol, but possibly investigating the Committee members themselves.  Republican Senators have proposed enacting a national ban on abortion (so far expressly discussed at 15 weeks), and sunsetting the safety net.  The latter means creating an opening to curb Social Security and Medicare.

The list goes on…and on.  The importance of voting defensively to protect our rights and our democracy cannot be overstated.

At the same time, here in Woodbridge we have the opportunity to vote FOR an extraordinary slate of Democratic candidates.  You are no doubt familiar with at least some of them and their records of dedication and accomplishment; other names may be new to you.  Please visit the candidates’ websites to learn more:

Governor Ned Lamont: https://nedlamont.com/;

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro: https://rosadelauro.com/;

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal: https://richardblumenthal.com/;

State Representative Mary Welander: https://www.welanderforct.com/;

State Senator George Cabrera (State Senate District 17): https://www.jorgecabreract.com/;

State Senator James Maroney (State Senate District 14): https://www.maroneyforus.com/;

Attorney General William Tong: https://www.williamtong.com/;

Stephanie Thomas for Secretary of the State: https://votestephaniethomas.com/;

Sean Scanlon for Comptroller: https://www.seanforct.com/;

Erick Russell for Treasurer: https://www.erickforct.com/.

And here are a few additional election-related reminders:

We have stark and crucial choices when we go to the polls on November 8th.  Our Democratic candidates have proven their commitment to our community, our state and our country, as well as to our Constitution and to our shared values as Americans.


If you are interested in learning more about the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee, please get in touch with us by email:  woodbridgeCTdems@gmail.com or visit our website:  woodbridgeCTdems.org.

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