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Now It’s Up to the Voters to Decide…

Now It’s Up to the Voters to Decide…
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When Woodbridge electors are called to vote for their local government on Monday, May 4, only few of the town’s boards and commissions are on the ballot. Elected positions are the First Selectman, the Board of Selectmen members, the Board of Assessment Appeals, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the two boards of education. All other boards and commissions are appointed by the Board of Selectmen upon recommendation from the two parties.


In Woodbridge, the vote for First Selectman appears separate from the Board of Selectmen on the ballot. While in some other towns the selectman with the highest number of votes becomes the first selectman, in this town the two party-endorsed candidates are it: either Ellen Scalettar, the incumbent Democrat or Cathy Wick, the candidate heading the Republican ticket. There is also a line for a write-in candidate.

The Board of Selectmen, according to town charter, is re-elected every two years. All five members of that board are running for re-election, including Susan Jacobs, Beth Heller and Laurence Grotheer on the Democratic ticket, and Republicans Joe Dey and Tony Anastasio. The Republicans are also presenting a challenger to the current selectmen, Maria Kayne, who chaired the Conservation Commission for several years. Voters get to choose three of the six names presented; the five highest vote getters will be seated.

Woodbridge Board of Education

Four member terms out of the nine-member board are up for re-election this year. Only two of those chose to run again, namely board Chairman Margaret Hamilton and Emily Melnick. Not running for re-election are Matt Gilbride and Carl Lindskog, both Republicans. The Republican ticket is presenting Lynn Piascyk, a long-time Beecher Road School teacher, and Garett Luciani. Voters are asked to choose two of the four candidates, but all four will be seated.

Board of Assessment Appeals

Only one of the three-member board is up for re-election. The position is currently held by Henry Nusbaum, who is not running again. Claire Coleman is running for the Democrats, Edward Weinberg for the Republicans. Voters vote for either one.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Two of the four-member board are up for re-election, David Speranzini for the Democrats and Lynn Piascyk for the Republicans. Piascyk, who is running for the Woodbridge Board of Education, is not running for re-election. Instead, the Republicans fielded two candidates, Edee Lockyer and Cynthia Gibbons. Voters get to choose two of the three candidates.

The voters also choose alternates for this board. Arlene Levine (D) and Cynthia Gibbons ® are currently serving as alternates. Levine is running for re-election, but Gibbons is on the ticket for the regular board. Republicans are fielding two candidates, Jeffrey Wasikowski and Spencer Rubin, for that spot. Voters get to choose two out of the three candidates for alternates.

Amity Board of Education

Woodbridge voters send four members to the regional board of education, and two of those four are up for re-election this year. The positions are currently held by Sheila McCreven — who was appointed last fall to replace Julie Altman — and James Horwitz, who is not running for re-election. In his place Democrats are presenting Thomas Handler, who has served on the Woodbridge Board of Education for many years. The Republican ticket consists of Hal Smullen and Diane Urbano. Voters get to pick two of the four names for the regional board.

By Bettina Thiel – Woodbridge Town News Correspondent

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