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On the POCD Draft

To the Editor

I have been a registered Democrat all my voting life and a Woodbridge resident for more than 35 years. I attended the February 19th special meeting of the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen, (BOS), looking forward to hearing comments and then vote of the BOS regarding the draft of the Town Plan of Conservation and Development (TPODC) which had previously been submitted to them. A signed petition had been submitted to the BOS by residents requesting that they endorse or reject the plan.

State statute, (CT Gen. Statutes Section 8-23g2), requires the BOS endorse or reject the TPOCD in its entirety or parts thereof, and submit comments and recommended changes to the Town Zoning and Planning Commission. What residents who attended the meeting heard was the First Selectman provide dates as to when information on the draft were sent to the public. She stated that the request for a vote was submitted too late to the BOS and, therefore, was denying the request for the Board to take action upon the TPODC. Ms. Scalettar then abruptly ended the meeting to the shock and total amazement of the residents in attendance.

As First Selectman, it was in fact Ms. Scalettar’s responsibility to place this draft before the board for them to act upon. Hiding behind procedural niceties, Ms. Scalettar refused to address the issue as to where she and her board stand on the TPODC draft. She never addressed the reason this special meeting was called…to have the BOS accept, reject or amend the draft from TPODC; a plan that will affect the quality of life for residents in our community for the next 10 years. I believe the only possible reason not to have any discussion on the plan is that the board is in complete agreement with its content.

Woodbridge will be holding elections this May. By distancing herself and her board from this very hotly contested issue, Ms. Scalettar is hoping to not be held accountable to the residents for the plan that may not be in the town’s best interests.

Our town deserves much better than this abuse of power on the part of our elected officials.

Cheryl Lipson, Woodbridge

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