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Pain Diagnosis Relief–Much, More than Joint & Muscle Therapy

When Michael Dow, CEO/Director, first opened his practice twelve years ago, he envisioned a physical therapy facility that would offer a comprehensive environment of healing for his patients.  “First, I wanted to create an atmosphere that was not clinical: no white walls and white uniforms, but a warm and compassionate setting where our staff could make each patient feel special, comfortable, and never pressed for time.  There are no clocks here.  Every patient, no matter how complex his/her injury or ailment, receives personal and caring treatment from our staff of highly-trained, highly degreed therapists.”

The interiors of Michael Dow’s treatment centers in Woodbridge, Hamden and Branford highlight his approach to therapy practice.  Large, sweeping rooms are appointed with personally designed interior architectural treatments, recessed lighting, warm contemporary graphics, marble counters, large patient restrooms, private treatment rooms and dozens of therapy workout devices – every square foot is devoted to superb patient care.  “I wanted to avoid the quick fix-and-release, turnstile approach to physical therapy.  Patients know they’re in an unusual, caring setting from the moment they walk through the doors.  Every member of our large staff is committed to thoughtful, personal treatment and pool their knowledge and experience relative to each case.”

Michael Dow and clinical partner, Kyle Branday, view themselves as “gatekeepers” to the entire local medical community.  “Every injury or pain complaint is intensely diagnosed, and if the problem is beyond physical therapy, we quickly refer the patient to a cadre of medical practitioners with whom we work closely.  In turn, orthopedic practices send post-surgical patients to us, knowing our proven ability is to bring patients back to normal mobility and activity with pragmatic care.

“Patient care is not dictated by visit limitations, deductibles and co-payments.  The individual needs of the patient are at the core of our practice; health insurance should not mandate quality of care, rather each patient should receive the most effective, expeditious, and best quality care for their insurance premiums, regardless of their insurance plan.  We have one focus:  maximize the finest therapeutics possible and address the intangibles of personal care for the least amount of patient costs.  In today’s volatile and confusing healthcare environment, and with the current agonizing economic climate, our practitioners must do more for less and never compromise the quality and personal treatment with each patient visit.

“Patients trust us to provide the best care and guidance throughout their rehabilitation process.  We value that at Amity Physical Therapy.  That bond of trust transcends the challenges of healthcare reform and insurance limitations.  We will never reduce our commitment to guide each patient in reaching their personal goals in rehab.  They deserve the best and they receive just that at Amity Physical Therapy.  There simply is no compromise in our practice.  Our mission is to set the standard in how all physical therapy patients are treated.”

Michael Dow MSPT received his degree from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT.  In addition to being the founder of Amity Physical Therapy (locations in Woodbridge, Branford and Hamden), he has been recognized by the US Dept of Health and Human Services for his work with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  He works with patients of all ages, pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as local high school and college athletes.  Michael can be reached at (203) 389-4593 in his Woodbridge office or visit amitypt.com.

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