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Physical Fitness, Healing And Safety In The Age Of COVID

While normal living seems to have come to a halt during the pandemic, physical fitness and the needs of the human body to remain healthy and strong move on.  In fact, “Movement as Medicine” is a mantra for Amity Physical Therapy, the only local physical therapy practice that has embedded a Fitness unit into all three of its offices.

Founded sixteen years ago by Michael Dow, MSPT and CEO/Clinical Director, Amity Physical Therapy is renowned for its “Prehab/Rehab” program that has established the practice as a destination for patient therapy before and after orthopedic surgery.  “It’s possible,” Dow said, “that in many cases surgery can be avoided with specific preventative methods.  Our clinicians are skilled at restoring movement in joints, reducing or eliminating pain, and possibly avoiding or forestalling further orthopedic procedures.

“From pediatrics to geriatrics, we cover all the bases in human physical movement increasing performance, strengthening muscles, ligaments and joints, and returning patients to normal activity in record time,” Dow continued, “Our Fitness Centers, now an integral part of our therapy programs, are staffed by licensed professional trainers who work side by side with physical therapists to apply a holistic approach to our practice.  Health-Wellness-Fitness – it’s all here including nutritional programs for the most comprehensive physical health service in the area.”

Amity Physical Therapy is a classic example of the adherence to all Covid-19 safety practices outlined by the government.  From the socially-distanced lobby to private therapy rooms and tables to fitness equipment – all are thoroughly sanitized after patient treatments and usage.

Masks and appropriate PPE gear are in force.  For patients who prefer online or Telehealth sessions rather than in-person visits, these are offered as well.  Dow concluded, “Again, we’ve covered all the bases in physical health responsibly, safely, and in many respects, uniquely.

“With the pandemic having limited our lives and the way we perform personal and professional tasks it also limits our physical activity impairing our health and weakening the body’s physical structure.  Correct fitness and therapy programs tailored to the individual, can significantly sustain and improve one’s muscular-skeletal profile during a very restrictive time in our lives.”

By Michael Dow, MSPT

Michael Dow MSPT/CEO founded Amity Physical Therapy sixteen years ago and maintains offices in Woodbridge, Hamden and Branford.  He received his degree from Sacred Heart University and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for his work with the national Multiple Sclerosis Society.  He works with patients of all ages, as well as local high school and college athletes.  Michael can be reached at 203-389-4593 or visit amitypt.com.

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