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Physical Therapy for the Whole Family, Pediatrics to Geriatrics

When Michael Dow , founder and Clinical Director, first opened his facility for physical therapy eleven years ago, he envisioned the finest state of the art practice in the region. With a staff of licensed, highly degreed therapists treating a constant flow of patients, Dow has almost reached his goal. With a far larger facility in Woodbridge, he has since expanded his practice to Hamden and Branford. The combined offices provide the largest physical therapy practice in the Greater New Haven area.

“Beyond our impressive facilities with all the possible therapy and fitness equipment necessary, it’s the licensed and degreed, highly skilled therapists that have made our reputation in the area, Dow continued. “Entire families have put their physical problems in our hands. From young children to gracefully aging adults, the treatment of movement dysfunctions, correcting physical ailments, and eliminating pain is the core mission of our practice.” Dow went on, “Obviously, no one enjoys pain or the inability to move comfortably due to muscle or joint problems. We’re able to treat a wide range of symptoms from simple back pain and strains to orthopedic problems, post-surgical rehabilitation from joint replacements, sports related injuries, balance disorders, and neurological conditions. In short, we treat any annoying, debilitating condition that impedes normal physical performance.”

Amity Physical Therapy also takes on the frustrated recreational golfer. Often, the Club Golf Pro, while “improving” the swing, may not be able to detect underlying causes for poor performance on the course. “It might be a simple muscle-joint problem causing imbalance or bad posture that might disturb the natural athletic movement of a golfer’s swing. We have the technology to analyze the physical problem, isolate the cause and correct it. We also consult with the golfers and other athletes on a variety of physical and mechanical problems to keep them at the top of their game.

“Ideally, once we’ve diagnosed and corrected a physical problem, our patients are able to continue normal activity without constantly coming back to us. That’s our goal,” Dow concluded, “to fix the problem through the talents of our experienced therapists. Then nature takes over.”

Michael Dow MSPT can be reached at Amity Physical Therapy at 203-389-4593. A graduate of Sacred Heart University, he is founder and Clinical Director of the practice with offices in Woodbridge, Hamden and Branford. Please visit www.amitypt.com.

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