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Presidential Primary Deadline

In order to be eligible to vote in the presidential primary on April 28, you need to be registered in the appropriate party.

Voters already registered with a party, can vote in that party’s primary.  Voters who wish to vote in another party’s primary need to change their party affiliation three months in advance.  January 28 was the last day to change from party to party and vote in the Presidential Primary.

Voters registered as Unaffiliated can register with a party up to the day before the primary election.

Voters who are registered with the Independent Party must follow the three-month rule for changing prior to a primary.  Independent Party is not the same as Unaffiliated.

Voters may change party affiliation online using voterregistration.ct.gov or visit Woodbridge Town Hall (11 Meetinghouse Lane) and fill out a registration card at the Town Clerk’s office.

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