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From The Pros at Amity Gardens: Summer Care for Shrubs, Trees and Lawns


Whether you have new spring plantings and installations, or are caring for old reliables, shrubs and trees require special summertime feeding for vigorous, healthy growth throughout the year. Deciduous (leaf-bearing) trees and conifers like various pine species, fir, and hemlocks can be fed Holly-Tone, an organic blend from Espoma, a classic producer of natural fertilizers. Be certain to spread the fertilizer far enough from the trunk to feed spreading root systems (about 4 to 6 feet on smaller trees). Then water in or let the rain do its thing. Feed 3 times a year, spring, summer and fall. Holly-Tone is similarly effective on maples, oaks, birch, and other deciduous trees, as well as shrubs like rhododendron or mountain laurel. Amity Gardens stocks a wide selection of Espoma products for virtually any variety of shrubs and trees.

Lawns are another subject for summer fertilization and grub control. We suggest starting with an organic like the Jonathon Green product line – a veteran, proven producer of fertilizer for lush, green lawns. Use a mechanical spreader to measure out the exact amount per square foot. Or, if hand feeding, a thin coat spread evenly over the grass surface will do. Make sure you water in well. Apply every 6 weeks during the year, keeping your lawn moist in the sizzling months of July and August. Again, a wide choice of Jonathon Green lawn products are available at Amity Gardens.

For annoying grub action and weed control, consider applications of Bayer Grub Treatment and Weed & Feed to control pesky weeds. The Bayer product eliminates grubs with no damage to the grass. (Occasional brown spots will indicate the grubs are at work underground on the grass roots.) Weed & Feed does exactly what the brand name implies. It kills over 200 weeds and dandelions while providing nutrients as well. Apply as needed throughout the summer.

Since Amity Gardens is also active through Southern New England in Landscape Gardening, you might want to call us with questions about any plant, tree or shrub in the yard displaying a problem. Each species has individual needs pertaining to nutrients, their abilities to resist disease, and their love, or distaste, of direct sunlight. Visit us for free advice and our experience as horticulturists. Stroll around and enjoy our endless selection of shrubs, trees, flowers, and discover why our slogan “We Know Nature”can benefit your yard.

We’re located at 720 Amity Road, Bethany, Route 63, 203-393-1219.

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