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Report from Woodbridge Selectmen

Tony Anastasio – Joe Dey – Maria Kayne

Hello Woodbridge residents. We have reserved this space for this and future publications to introduce ourselves to all Woodbridge residents and for the purpose of fostering open communication and soliciting your valuable input. So, who are “we”? We are three members of the Woodbridge Board of Selectmen (BOS): Tony Anastasio, Joe Dey, and Maria Kayne. Two of us are now serving our second term on the BOS as we welcome Maria Kayne who has begun her first term.

We sincerely thank all of you for your support during the election and now look forward to offering our support to you. We serve as volunteers and it is our love for Woodbridge that motivates us. We are dedicated to make what’s best for Woodbridge our top priority on all issues. In addition, we pledge to always make ourselves available to listen to your input and concerns and to be sure that your voices will be heard.

Please watch for our column in upcoming editions where we intend to provide Woodbridge residents with additional information on current issues and happenings that will be of interest or concern to you. We are looking forward to collaborating with our colleagues on the Board of Selectmen to advance the best interests of our Town.

Significantly, this week the BOS and Board of Finance (BOF) met again to discuss the Country Club of Woodbridge property and received a report from Mr. Genovese, our finance director, outlining the history and financial impact of the Town’s ownership of the CCW. We urge you all to watch the meeting and/or obtain a copy of Mr. Genovese’s report so that you may be fully informed as the discussion continues. The BOS and BOF are planning another joint meeting for later this month and there will be much more discussion about this subject in our future columns.

We look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts, ideas, concerns and suggestions.

Sincerely, Tony Anastasio, Joe Dey, and Maria Kayne


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