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Representative Welander, Senators Cabrera and Maroney, Champion Bonding Funds for Woodbridge Senior Center

Representative Mary Welander (D-Orange/Derby/Woodbridge), Senator Jorge Cabrera, and Senator James Maroney applaud the approval of state funding for the renovation of the Woodbridge Senior Center.

The State Bonding Commission has approved $300,000 to fund the renovation of the Woodbridge Senior Center.  The center is currently comprised of two rooms in the basement of a re-purposed public school built in 1928.  This project will create a reception area, a private location for visiting nurses to meet with seniors and a sport equipment closet.  The project will also renovate structural concerns such as inefficient outdated lighting and buckling floors.

“Our seniors deserve the best resources available, and this funding will transform the Senior Center into a fully usable, welcoming space for the community,” said Rep. Welander.  “I am thrilled that our state is supporting seniors and the entire Woodbridge community with this facility.  This funding will improve the lives of so many residents.  My sincere thanks to the state delegation, First Selectwoman Heller, and each of the advocates who fought for this grant.”

“These funds will no doubt improve the lives of our seniors, increasing the level of comfort they enjoy at the senior center and making needed improvements to the building,” said Sen. Cabrera.  “I am pleased to see state funds go towards bettering the lives of seniors in Woodbridge.”

“Our seniors deserve quality care and by transforming outdated spaces, folks who reside in this senior center will have an all-around better experience,” said Sen. Maroney.  “Updating and renovating can not only improve the physical space a person is in but improve one’s quality of life.  I am thrilled money is being given to the Woodbridge Senior Center that will help build upon the future care of everyone.”

The facility hosts exercise classes, meals, lectures, special occasions and other events.  This grant was approved by the State Bonding Commission on Friday, July 23rd.


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