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Republican Selectmen Respond to Scalettar Letter

Republican Selectmen Respond to Scalettar Letter

To the Editor:

First Selectman Scalettar’s recent letter to the editor entitled “Republicans Continue to Misinform” (Woodbridge Town News, July 31, 2015) demands a response.

Ms. Scalettar claims Republicans continue to misinform the residents of Woodbridge, and she essentially tells Woodbridge residents to believe her and be wary of what Republicans say. It is clear that Ms. Scalettar dislikes challenges to her positions and authority. It is equally clear that, at the same time she accuses others of distorting the facts, she uses her position of power to obfuscate facts for political advantage.

Let’s review her letter. There can be no doubt Moody’s Aaa rating is great for Woodbridge. Upon close examination, however, it is not without substantive challenges. We need to be very careful in managing these challenges, one of which is future debt and the other the ownership of the CCW. The national budget and audit awards are likewise a great achievement. But, let’s be honest – and transparent. These awards were presented for the style in which we present our budget, not for our fiscal management – another fact conveniently obfuscated by Ms. Scalettar. Although it’s easy for her to say and have you believe, the Republican BOS members did not conduct themselves as Ms. Scalettar claims related to the commissioner appointment process. The process we proposed is sound – unless one would rather perpetuate cronyism and forego a non-partisan approach and the best interests of the Town. Further, the Republican BOS members did not go along with the “time-honored” process. To the contrary, the record of the meeting will demonstrate that we promoted a different and summary process to install the Democrat nominated candidates knowing full well that no Republican endorsed candidate would earn a seat.

Unlike Ms. Scalettar, we believe our appointment process requires change irrespective of which party has controlling votes. The current process is not designed to appoint the most qualified person to any particular position to advance the best interests of the Town…it is designed to merely foster partisan, crony politics for the controlling political party. Ms. Scalettar writes that one-third of the nominees were supported by both parties. That is true…and a good thing for Woodbridge. However, she neglected to disclose (1) that those commissioners were incumbents with proven track records, and (2) not one person “nominated” by the Republicans was even put to a vote, much less installed as a commissioner.

Ms. Scalettar speciously accuses the Republican BOS members of adopting a meeting boycott as a tactical ploy if we disagree with an item on the agenda, insinuating a course of conduct. There is no basis for this charge. She continues on to claim that we have abrogated our sworn duty to town residents. We think it appropriate to defer to the opinion of Woodbridge residents as to whether or not we have acted contrary to our fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of all the residents of Woodbridge.

After a narrow victory in May, it appears that Ms. Scalettar feels the need to campaign now for 2017. We suggest Woodbridge would be better served if she commits to governing with transparency; honesty and integrity as there are many real challenges in Town that need her undivided attention and leadership.

Maria Cruz Kayne, Member of the BOS

Tony Anastasio, Member of the BOS

Joe Dey, Member of the BOS

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