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Sanjay Gupta – Candidate for Amity Board of Education

I have been Woodbridge resident for 8 years and have been living in Connecticut for over 20 years.  I completed my MBA degree from UCONN Stamford, in Finance & IT and have served on many condominium boards in various capacities as President, Vice President and Treasurer as volunteer positions.  I am married with two children.  My daughter is in middle school and will be going to Amity High School next year.  My son will be starting at Beecher Road School in the coming year.

I moved to Woodbridge for a better school system for my children.  As a parent, the success of our schools is personal to me.  Serving on the ABOE would allow me to make sure that all the children in the Amity system have access to a top-notch education.  I also want to work towards finding a cost-effective solution for the ongoing pandemic and make sure we can address this problem without compromising the safety of our students or burdening our taxpayers.

If elected, I would concentrate on the school’s budget and quality of education.  I offer many years of operational experience, have an MBA in finance and worked on balancing large corporate budgets.  My professional background makes me well qualified to ask the tough questions and to make the right connections to keep our schools financially strong and our tax dollars prudently spent.  I commit towards working with school administration to find fiscally responsible solutions and ensure that our budget reflects the needs of our schools and the community.

One of my goals is to improve communication between the board, administration and Amity families – making it continual, upfront and honest.  I am running because I believe our ABOE needs change that emphasizes fiscal accountability, transparency and integrity.  A board with balanced perspective will support our schools and help provide quality education for our students.

I would like to focus on student development.  Amity schools need to do more to prepare students for the myriad of paths available to them after high school, from getting into top-tier universities to pursuing technical or creative professions.  My personal experience and career path provides me a unique understanding about how to improve the experience of our students as we prepare them to go on in life.

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