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Scalettar Wins Second Term in Close Election

Scalettar Wins Second Term in Close Election

Republicans Sweep Seats on Town Boards

First Selectman Ellen Scalettar won a second term in the May 4 municipal election, albeit with a narrow margin. “That was close,” said challenger Cathy Wick after the results were read that night at the polls. Scalettar had carried the day with 1,579, Wick with 1,523 votes, a 56-vote difference.

The Democrats erupted in cheers when they heard that Scalettar had won, but the victory was dampened when they realized that the Republicans swept the under-ticket, and won a seat on the Board of Selectmen. Starting in July, the new Board of Selectmen will consist of three Democrats (Ellen Scalettar, Susan Jacobs and Beth Heller) and three Republicans (Joe Dey, Tony Anastasio and Maria Kayne). To avoid total gridlock, the Town Charter weighs the first selectman’s vote double. Long-time Selectman Laurence Grotheer was not reelected to the board.

Maria Kayne, the newcomer to the Board of Selectmen, is known as a conservationist, who has chaired the Conservation Commission under the late First Selectman Ed Sheehy. However they parted ways over the Country Club issue, when Kayne was fighting to prevent development on the property back in 2011. With the future of the Country Club back in the public discussion, Scalettar will face a stronger opposition to the Toll Brothers proposal that is on the table.

The candidates running on the Republican ticket for both boards of Education also showed strong results. For the Woodbridge Board of Education, each party fielded two candidates, for four seats on the Woodbridge Board of Education, and all four will be seated. They are Lynn Piascyk ® and Garrett Luciani ®, Margaret Hamilton (D) and Emily Melnick (D).

On the Amity Board of Education, Sheila McCreven (D) was elected to her first term, after she was appointed to fill a vacancy. Joining her on the board will be Diane Urbano ®.

On the Board of Assessment Appeals, Claire Coleman (D) was elected to another term.

The Zoning Board of Appeals now has a Republican majority, with Edee Lockyer ® winning over incumbent David Speranzini (D). Cynthia Gibbons ®, who with 1,846 votes got the highest vote of any candidate this year, will join the appeals board. She previously served as an alternate.

The voting results between Zoning Board of Appeals alternates Arlene Levine (D) and Jeff Wasikowski ® was so close (7 votes) that Wasikowski requested a recount. The recount reduced the difference to five votes, but Levine won the election.

Voting participation was active, with 3,111 out of the total of 6,551 qualified voters, or 47%. 2015 Election results:

First Selectman

Ellen Scalettar (D)               1,579

Cathy Wick ®             1,523

Board of Selectmen

Susan Jacobs (D)                  1,489

Beth Heller (D)                     1,548

Laurence Grotheer (D)            1,351

Anthony Anastasio ®           1,565

Joe Dey ®                              1,505

Maria Cruz Kayne ®           1,448

Woodbridge Board of Education

Emily Beth Melnick (D)      1,362

Margaret Hamilton (D)       1,399

Garrett Luciani ®                 1,530

Lynn Piascyk ®                     1,641

Board of Assessment Appeals

Claire Coleman (D)             1,488

Ed Weinberg ®                        1,437

Zoning Board of Appeals

David Speranzini (D)              1,527

Edee Lokyer ®                        1,586

Cynthia Gibbons ®                1,846


Arlene Levine (D)                 1,591

Jeffrey M. Wasikowski          1,586

Spencer Rubin ®                     1,705

Amity Regional Board of Education

Sheila McCreven (D)              1,510

Thomas Handler (D)               1,385

Diane Urbano ®                      1,600

Hal Smullen ®             1,348

By Bettina Thiel – Woodbridge Town News Correspondent

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