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Senator Crisco Earns His 9th Perfect “100” Score from Environmental Group

For the ninth time in his state Senate career, State Senator Joseph J. Crisco, Jr. (D-Woodbridge) has earned a perfect “100” score from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) for his thoughtful and heroic defense of Connecticut’s natural resources and the enormous quality of life benefits that clean water, air, soil and open spaces bring to Connecticut’s residents.

Sen. Crisco was lauded for his commitment to protecting a variety of environmental priorities, including pollinator health, consumer packaging waste, notice of tree removal, the state water plan, and granting ‘Wild and Scenic’ designation to the Housatonic River, which runs through Derby. “I am very protective when it comes to Connecticut’s environment. Our land and water has been around for centuries, and I’d like my children and grandchildren and all the people of Connecticut to continue enjoying it for centuries to come,” Sen. Crisco said. “I also believe that the legislature’s commitment to clean air and water is one of the things that ranks Connecticut so highly in national quality of life surveys. So I thank the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters for its continued recognition of my commitment to Connecticut’s environment, and I pledge to continue working with them to protect and preserve the places that we hold so dear in this state.”

“Environmental advocates faced huge challenges in a very contentious legislative session. Considering the budgetary concerns, they did well to advance legislative goals and hold the line on losses,” said David Bingham, CTLCV Co-Chair. The CTLCV is a bipartisan, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Connecticut’s environment by making it a priority for our elected leaders. As a legislative watchdog, the CTLCV helps to pass laws that protect Connecticut’s air, water, wildlife, and open space.

For more details from the CTLCV 2016 Environmental Scorecard, please visit: http://www.ctlcv.org/2016-scorecard.html.

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