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Students at Beecher School Study Native American History

Students in the fourth grade at Beecher Road School have spent the past 8 weeks immersed in the study of Native Americans. They learned how interaction with the environment shaped the traditions and cultures of the people who lived in our area before the European colonists arrived.

The students focused their studies using a variety of sources including non-fiction books, and a trip to the Native American Studies Institute in Washington, CT where they walked into a duplicated village complete with a long house and wigwams. They made corn husk dolls just like the children did hundreds of years ago.

The PTO also generously provided the funding for Clint Chartier to provide the students with the opportunity to learn how Native Americans made everything they needed to survive. In Ms. Reizfeld’s class, students researched and made their own clothing, tools and items used in battle.

The students were fascinated with the connections they realized were made by contributions of the Native Americans and Europeans to our current state of Connecticut. Did you know that even the name of our state comes from the word Native Americans used to describe this area “beside the long tidal river”?

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