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Teamtony17 Releases A Bold Platform for the Town of Woodbridge

Teamtony17 Releases A Bold Platform for the Town of Woodbridge

TeamTony17, led by the Republican endorsed candidate for First Selectman, Tony Anastasio, released its campaign platform aimed at reforming and reimagining the way the Town of Woodbridge operates.  The platform looks to move Woodbridge in a new direction with purposeful planning and delivering sensible solutions.  “Our platform will regain the confidence of residents and business owners in Woodbridge,” said Anastasio.  “We are shaping a clear, new and innovated pathway that will provide more transparency and break down the partisan divide.  I am committed, with my team of energetic and qualified candidates, to reach out and to talk to every resident, no matter their party affiliation, about our platform, to get their input and to find consensus on the policies we believe will make our town achieve its greatest potential.”

“The time is now to begin the process of real budget reform in Woodbridge, starting at the department level, added Joe Dey.  “Our mil rate has steadily increased through the years with a corresponding increase in the tax burden to residents, and at the same time our real property values have not rebounded like values in many other towns.  We are out of balance and our team is committed to working hard to restore fiscal restraint and accountability town-wide.”

“I have always advocated for the protection of the CCW, free from the ravages of rampant development,” said David Lober.  “The need for economic development, budget control, and sensible zoning are vital to the preservation of our rural way of life and our property values.  These are the issues that our slate is running on, and they make so much sense.  My whole life has been devoted to finding pragmatic solutions and gaining consensus, and I look forward to bringing that skill set to the BOS for the betterment of our town.”

“I am proud to run on a bold platform that looks to give everyone in town a voice and a seat at the table,” said Spencer Rubin.  “Resolving the Country Club of Woodbridge issue, prioritizing our spending, and focusing on our Village District area without reckless high-density development will set our community on a path that residents envisioned when they moved to Woodbridge.”

The platform focuses on three main issues:  The Country Club of Woodbridge, the town’s ever-increasing tax bills, and opposing the high-density development.  Here is the platform in its entirety:

Solve the ongoing Country Club of Woodbridge issue once and for all

  • Accept no changes to the current zoning regulations that would destroy the rural and historical character of our Town – no high-density development.
  • Engage professionals to market the CCW property for sale to independent golf course operators.
  • In conjunction with the marketing effort engage an unbiased professional land use consultant to work with Town leaders and residents to develop recommendations for the best possible uses of the property taking into consideration economic and social/quality of life impacts to Town residents
  • Involve Town residents in the professional process to create inclusiveness and transparency for all.
  • Find a sensible solution for Town action to be taken within a reasonable time-frame.

Control our ever-increasing tax bills by improving our budget process and promoting sensible commercial growth

  • Restrain Town spending and the associated tax burden by making changes to our budget process to better control our operating and capital budgets.
  • Develop an effective long term strategic plan that creates predictability and sustainability in our budget process to prioritize capital spending and control future debt obligations.
  • Consider process change to assure BOS has final approval of policy matters, rather than the BOF.
  • Facilitate regular meetings and on-going communications with Town employees, boards and commissions to improve effective working relations between departments and create management efficiency.
  • Create a business- friendly climate within our commercial district.
  • Hire a part-time Economic Development professional to actively promote and market proper and thoughtful utilization of the commercial district to bring in more commercial taxes.

Oppose high-density development that would destroy the rural character of our community

  • Create a Village District Commission composed of business owners and residents within the area to develop concepts and ideas that will benefit all residents.
  • Reinstate the Architectural Review Board to protect the rural character of Woodbridge.
  • Maintain the integrity of our carefully planned zoning regulations in balance with our beautiful open spaces.
  • Accept no changes to the current zoning regulations that would destroy the rural and historical character of our Town.

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